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Leave the driving to us, we will get you there safe and on time. Sit back and enjoy the ride!
Charter Tips
Consumer Protection Tips 

Consumer Protection Tipsfor Chartering a Motorcoach

Making the right choice for your group is essential! It is especially easy when you use this convenient guide to help you through the selection process. The guide is split into three sections. "Company Background" - essential information on the company that can be used as your initial screening guide. "Meeting Your Needs..." - focuses on the specific needs of your group. "Safety Issues..." - probes areas usually left untouched... until a problem occurs. By using the guide, you will have taken steps you assure your group of a safe, comfortable, and satisfying travel experience.

Meeting your Needs...

Tip #1) Clearly spell out your schedule and what is involved in detail.

Tip #2) Ask if video coaches are available.

Tip #3) Be a careful shopper. Consider all factors.

Tip #4) Ask who pays for the driver's room.

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